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How to help us:

  • Money through direct donations is very welcome, however, there are many other things you can do to help in addition to direct contribution of money:
  • Arrange an evening at your home and invite some friends.  Put on a showing of one of the videos about the APE obtainable from our shop and on line. Ask your friends to make whatever contribution.
  • If you live in the UK you can buy products from Zabbaleen Trust
  • Persuade your business associates to purchase some of our plain business cards and print them themselves. Our recycled cards can take any form of printing process. They are excellent value for money and something out of the ordinary.
  • You can use our printed greetings cards to send out during the Christmas or Easter seasons. We are happy to quote you a special corporate rate for your business. We are even happy to undertake special commissions to produce exclusive designs.
  • If you are based in Europe or USA, you can import some of our extensive range of products and sell them locally. You will be helping more people to be introduced to our attractive products and helping the APE to gain a wider market for their products. Our discount system will ensure that you will never be out of pocket.
  • If you know of some one who is planning a visit to Egypt, tell them about the APE and, if you can,  persuade them to visit us
  • You may have your own ideas of how you can help us. Please let us know. You will find us very appreciative of your ideas.
  • If you wish to send us your comments, ideas or just few words expressing an opinion, use the following form, designed for your convenience.



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