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Garbage Separation

This project was tested in two urban neighborhoods in Cairo. Findings indicated that the scheme would afford replication and would lead to a more efficient recovery of solid waste from household garbage, as well as produce a better composts free from contaminants and heavy metals. Women would no longer have to sort soiled garbage and the health hazards to children would be greatly reduces.

A.P.E's plans for the future are to expand a garbage separation at the source pilot project in the entire city of Cairo. This project would require residents of Cairo to toss out their household garbage into two components: food and non-food. This initial separation would make the manual sorting of household waste less hazardous to the health of women and children and reduce the sorting time by half. It would also produce cleaner organic manure and even higher grade compost. The non-food items would be recovered and sold to recycling entrepreneurs in the neighborhood and fetch a sustainable income. The environment would be further served from this recovery and re-manufacture of solid household waste which would become more efficient if residents sorted it into these two components.


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